Would I Like Mazatlan Mexico?

Would I Like Mazatlan Mexico?

Yes, we are talking about Mazatlan Mexico. So if you did a search for, ¨Would I want to move to, visit or vacation in Mazatlan?¨, then this is the video you might want to see. I am getting ready to leave Mazatlan to make my move to Morelia, so, in that I will be out of here in about six months, I thought that I would make one more video about Mazatlan and share this video with people that are asking the question, ¨Would I ot live in, visit or move to this place?¨ So here we go.

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I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.

Many people would call our channel a Mazatlan Mexico Vlog, because we have created many presentations about Mazatlan Mexico thing to do in Mazatlan.

People that are moving to Mexico want to know about the Mazatlan Mexico beach. They ask us about the best things to do in Mazatlan Mexico. They wonder what it is like for people living in Mazatlan. They even ask me many times about the cost of living in Mazatlan Mexico.

Well, this video will not tell your all of the best things to do in Mazatlan, but maybe the video clips in this video will give you a hint as to what is possible when enjoying the living in Mazatlan Mexico.

As many of you know very well, I have lived in Mexico for almost twenty years. I have loved all twenty years living in Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Chapala, Ajijic, El Arnal and finally Mazatlan. So in this presentation I would like to share with you what to like about Mazatlan. I would like to share with you, things to do in Mazatlan. I would like to share with you what to do in Mazatlan Mexico.

What to do in Mazatlan? Great question. You are going to see images that will give you a little introduction to the great life that I have been exposed to here, in the great city.

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