Why do Black Expats Live in Merida Mexico

Why do Black Expats Live in Merida Mexico

Why do Black Expats Live in Merida MexicoWhy do Black Expats Live in Merida Mexico? Maybe if you watch this video, you will get part of the answer. Yes, we titled this video, ¨Why do Black Expats Live in Merida Mexico?¨and that is because we are going to interview the Clayton Partners, and they are going to share their thoughts with you.

This is part of a three part interview so be sure to subscribe and click the bell so that when the next video comes out, then you will be ready to rumble with what follows next.

We could have titled this video, ¨Why do Black Expats live in Merida?¨ but we wanted to let people know that this is the Merida in Mexico.

As you listen, you will hear about African Americans working in Merida. You really want to subsrcibe because this issue with Terrance shows up in the video that follows this one. It totally blew my mind what he does for a living.

There are many African Americans living in Merida. The Claytons have launched a YouTube channel, they just started out with it, and it is great to hear them share why do young Black Expats live in Merida Mexico. And, let me tell you, there are many African Americans in Merida Mexico. For SEO purposes I would say, ¨African Americans Merida Mexico.¨ Sorry about that, got to do my SEO.

So while there are many Black Expats in Mexico, this is an interview with on of the many Black couples moving to Mexico. And, to take this a little further, in this video you will see not only Black Expats living in Mexico, but you will see African Americans in Merida, or as some would say African Americans in Merida Mexico.


They are not hard to find, simply go to YouTube and Search for,,,,,,

Expat Barber.

That´s it.

Oh, by the way, I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.

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