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visiting lake chapalaVisiting Lake Chapala Mexico

Are you going to visit Lake Chapala Mexico? Or are you thinking about visiting Lake Chapala Mexico? Either way, you want to know the things that you can do while you are making your visit. I’m sure you want to know where to eat. I bet you want to know about where you can go. And surely I’m sure you want to know what hotels there are to stay in.

When I lived in Puerto Vallarta, I wrote a book about moving to Puerto Vallarta.  You can see the book on by clicking here.

We are writing a book now about moving to or visiting Lake Chapala Mexico right now.

First of All, Let’s Talk About the Climate

I lived in San Francisco for five years. It never failed that I would be in downtown San Francisco in August and I would see tourists walking around in short sleeve shirts and shorts. They would be freezing their asses off. Downtown San Francisco can be cold as hell in the summer time.

The climate here in Lake Chapala is wonderful and it’s about the same year round. Almost every day it’s about fifty-five degrees at night and eighty degrees in the day. The problem is that unlike the United States, I’m going to say that only about three percent of the homes or hotels have heating systems. That means that the fifty-five degree weather stays in the house or hotel all night and the places are chilly inside throughout the day.

My point is, “Bring some warm clothing.” Bring at least one very warm pair of pants, and at least one heavy duty sweater or hoodie, and I would say some warm socks. You won’t be sorry.

Hotels to Stay in When You are Visiting Lake Chapala Mexico

I have traveled the world. I have stayed in hotels that I didn’t want to leave. I have stayed in hotels that I was ready to leave as soon as I checked in.

When we were writing our book, we decided to find the best hotels in Lake Chapala. We found four that were wonderful. None of the four could be found in Trip Advisor.

Our book will be out in about a month, it will cost about $4.00 US. It’s worth the $4.00 just to make sure you can be in a very comfortable place when you head back to relax. Cable TV, Wifi, close to places to eat (walking distance), that’s what you want right? We have them all in the book.

We visited each hotel, visited rooms, took pictures and talked one on one with the owners. We went to a total of twenty hotels. 95% of them were on Trip Advisor. 95% of them, I would never ever stay in unless I was homeless and just wanted to get off the street.

Places to Eat

I have great neighbors here in Lake Chapala. I live in a Mexican community. The woman next door to our house is 84 years old. She is a Mexican. She plays tennis every morning.

When we first moved in, we asked her, “What are the best restaurants in Lake Chapala?”

She told us, “There are no great restaurants in Lake Chapala.”

There are four or five great restaurants in Lake Chapala. We visited them all, took pictures, ordered food and talked to the owners. Each one of these establishments are in our book.

If you are visiting Lake Chapala, then you want to order our book. It’s will only be available on

Things to Do

There are many things to do in Lake Chapala or very close to Lake Chapala. We have a list, with details, of about thirty or more things to do. All are listed in our book.