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In this video we are going to take a look at Guadalajara, or some would say that we are going to take a look at Guadalajara which is in the State of Jalisco. This is one of the most emotional videos I have made thus far. Touring the plaza in Guadalajara was really something because there is so much culture, art, architectural and more. We were only there, in the downtown area of Guadalajara for this video, and there was so much to see that we got lost. Even though we had visited the area many time before, there was a new experience around each and every corner of this tour Guadalajara Jalisco video.

Tour GuadalajaraWhen we say, take a look at Guadalajara, you must visit downtown Guadalajara, or some would say take a look at Guadalajara, Jalisco. Guadalajara is the city while Jalisco is the state.

We had a plan for the video you are about to see, but with each and every turn we got distracted. There were so many historical buildings, there was so much art, there were so many places to eat that when we made this video about touring Guadalajara, we just could not stop exploring. To start our trip to tour Guadalajara, we took a taxi, to go into Guadalajara, we had a lot of camera stuff and ideas that we wanted to get across to our viewers, but as was walked around in this video to tour Guadalajara Jalisco, it was amazing.

We have more videos coming up soon about the many parts of Guadalajara. There are plazas, there are churches, there are near by cities, there are many historical facts to look at and we want to share with you as much as we can.

We hope you enjoy this tour Guadalajara video.

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