Tlaquepaque Mexico

Tlaquepaque MexicoWhy I like Guadalajara? All you have to do is visit Tlaquepaque. Or, as some people would say, Tlaquepaque Mexico.

I want to say that Tlaquepaque is the Greenwich Village of Guadalajara. You know, Greenwich Village, New York. Some people just call it The Village.

Tlaquepaque is very sophisticated with many art galleries, restaurants, and places to hear great music.

Tlaquepaque MexicoThough Tlaquepaque is it´s own city, I would say that this is Guadalajara, but Guadalajara at its best. If you are going to take a Guadalajara Mexico tour, you will end up in Tlaquepaque. If you look up Guadalajara Mexico travel, you will find in your results, Tlaquepaque Guadalajara.

And if you look up Tlaquepaque Mexico, you will find Sergio Bustamante. You will want to visit his shop when go on a walking tour Tlaquepaque. This is Guadalajara.

If you visit Tlaquepaque, you will think about moving to Tlaquepaque. When you are touring Tlaquepaque, you will think about moving to Tlaquepaque. I can´t say it enough, Tlaquepaque is one of the many reasons why I like Guadalajara.

So this video is a Tlaquepaque Mexico tour. Or some would say that this is a walking tour of Tlaquepaque. If you are thinking about day trip from Guadalajara, then you want to visit Tlaquepaque. You will not regret it. Why? Because this is Guadalajara.

I did some research on apartment rentals, and you can find some very good rates. I don´t think that you would need a car to live here. I lived in Vallarta for 5 years without a car and I didn´t miss it at all. I love the pedestrian traffic here. You could walk around this fantastic area just eating and drinking for hours and hours or for days and days and those days and days would turn into weeks and weeks. I´m sorry but Tlaquepaque is a big reason why I like Guadalajara.

We hope you enjoy this video. Best, Bill the Geek, Bill Dallas Lewis

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El Patio

Independencia 186, Col. Centro

Rodo Padilla

The Bike Guy

Sergio Bustamante

Independencia Eje 238, Centro, 45500 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal.

The Band Place

El Parián de Tlaquepaque, Calle Juárez 68, Centro, 45500 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal.

Places to Rent in Tlaquepaque