The Benefits of Slavery for Blacks

The Benefits of Slavery for Blacks

The Benefits of Slavery for BlacksThe Benefits of Slavery for Blacks. There is one state in the United States that is talking about the benefits of slavery, or as they would say the benefits of slavery for Blacks. They are even suggesting that there were happy Black American Slaves.

Well, in our short presentation, we have a children´s story that may become real in that state very soon. I guess they would give it the title the same as the title of our presentation. I guess they would call it, ¨The Benefits of Slavery, The Benifits of Slavery for Blacks,¨ and I bet they would try to talk about the happy Black American Slaves.

It is important to talk about Black culture. It is important for people to feel free to talk about it. But now in some places in the US, this is a hard thing to do. It would be great to see black culture unlocked in the US instead of locked.

Were slave happy in the United States? Should we talk about the history of the United States slave trade? Should we talk about Black history, or African American history at all in the US. In some states, they are making it illegal to even discuss Black American History in schools. If teachers do this, they can go to jail in some states.

For many Black Expats in Mexico, or Black Expats living in Mexico, or for Black women Expats or for Black male Expats also, these are all reasons that helped them make their moves out of the United States.

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