Sunday at the Beach in Mexico

Sunday at the Beach in MexicoSunday at the Beach in Mexico.  People ask my all of the time, ¨Do they have beaches in Mazatlan?¨ Many people have never heard of Mazatlan. When I tell them yes they have beaches in Mazatlan, then usually they ask, ¨Do you like the beach in Mazatlan?¨ What is there not to like. I like the beaches in Mazatlan.

In this video, we are going to take a look at Sunday at the Beach in Mexico, or actually enjoying the beach in Mazatlan. I love enjoying the beach in Mazatlan. Actually, Mazatlan has many, many, many beaches. I used to go to the beach in Puerto Vallarta, but the Puerto Vallarta beach has a very rocky bottom so I had to wear special swim shoes so I didn´t hurt my feet. Also, in Puerto Vallarta, the water off of the beach gets deep very quickly. In Mazatlan, there are very few stones on the oceans floor, and you can walk into the water for about two hundred yards, and the water is only waste deep. I like that.

So if you are asking, ¨Have you seen the beach in Mazatlan?¨ Well, yes I have and you are going to see the videos of a little bit of what I have seen, and it is awesome.

When you see this video of Sunday at the beach in Mexico, you will see lots of families having big gatherings of people, eating great food, dancing and enjoying the beach in Mazatlan.

There are great Mexico beaches, or Mexican beaches, and Mazatlan has many of the best. So if you are asking yourself, ¨Will I like the beach in Mazatlan?¨well, going to the beach in Mazatlan is a real joy. Walking down the beach in Mexico, or walking the beach in Mexico, is all about enjoying the beach in Mexico and you can´t help but totally enjoy it.

Again, if you are still asking, ¨Have you seen the beach in Mazatlan?¨ The answer is yes. This is because there are so many of them you can´t help but see them. If you come here to visit, you too will be enjoying the beach in Mazatlan.