Spanish Listening Practice

Spanish Listening Practice

Spanish Listening PracticeSpanish Listening Practice. If you would like some Spanish listening practice, then this would be the video for you. Spanish listening practice is one of, if not the way to learn Spanish. You may want to add this video to your collection of Spanish short listening lessons.

I was walking around Morelia last week wondering, ¨Are children happy in Mexico? Are there good teens in Mexico? Are teens friendly in Mexico? Are Mexican teenagers friendly to Americans in Mexico?

Making the video was a total accident. But after I shot the video, I thought it would share some insigth on are children friendly in Mexico? Are teens friendly in Mexico?

I when you watch this video, I think you not only want to add this to your spanish lessons, you will also fall in love with kids in Mexico.

Are teenagers goo in Mexico? What are teenagers like in Mexico?

So kick back and enjoy the Spanish, you are going to meet some good teenagers in Mexico.

I am Bill Dallas Lewis and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.


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