Retired Canadians Moving to Mexico

Retired Canadians Moving to Mexico

Retired Canadians Moving to MexicoRetired Canadians moving to Mexico is not a new thing. For years, many Americans have retired and moved to Florida. A tradition in Canada is to move to Mexico. There are thousands of retired Canadians moving to Mexico every year.

In this video you are going to meet Verlaine, an Expat woman abroad. She is one of the many retired Canadian living in Mexico.

They say only three percent of any country´s population actually leave their country to find a new place to live. Verlaine is one of those three percent and here we will share the story of this Expat woman living abroad.

In Mexico, you will meet many of the Expat women abroad. They have very interesting stories about their life style, and about how they made their decisions to make their moves.

I have personally met thousands of retired Canadian women living in Mexico. So in this short video, we introduce you to one of them, a retired Canadian woman living in Mexico.

We have interviewed many retired Expat women living abroad and this video is a video about an Expat woman in Mexico. Meet her. See where she lives, how does she invest in her time. Find out if she feels safe. Does she have advise for you if you think you might want to move to Mexico?

In this video you will hear her talk about where she visited in Mexico before she made her decision to live in this location. You will hear her discuss if she feels safe living in Mexico. She will talk about if she ever gets homesick and if she does, what does she do about those feelings.

Kick back and enjoy meeting one of the many Canadian women living in Mexico.

I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.


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