Relaxing Mazatlan Country Tour

Relaxing Mazatlan Country Tour Do you love living in Mazatlan very much, but, you wouldn’t´t mind getting a little bit away from the city for a little while?

This video is about a relaxing Mazatlan country tour that I took last week. It was what I call a Mazatlan day trip. There are so many wonderful places to see near Mazatlan that only take maybe thirty to forty minutes to get to where you can see great sites, relax and then eat wonderful food.

Relaxing Mazatlan Country Tour I took this trip with Robert, the co-owner of Reina del Mar Mazatlan. That is a bed and breakfast and they do tours. All of their contact information is in the description below. I have taken many trips with them and it is always great.

On this trip, the main attraction was to see Dancing with Horses Mazatlan. When you watch the video, you will see that perhaps, you and I could have never have found this place on our own.

Another wonderful thing about this trip other than visiting small towns near Mazatlan to get a different look at Mexico, was that at the end of the trip we visited a very unique, great restaurant near Mazatlan that had real authentic Mexican food.

So I don´t know if you would call this a Mazatlan tour, but it was definitely a Mazatlan country tour and I really liked it a lot. I love visiting towns near Mazatlan.

Oh, I am Bill the Geek, and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.