Plaza Tapatia Guadalajara

Plaza Tapatia Guadalajara Plaza Tapatia Guadalajara.  In this video we will be walking the Plaza Tapapia, some people would call it the Plaza, but to put the full location on it, I will call it the PlazaTapatia Guadalajara Jalisco, that is giving the location, the city and the state, Jalisco.

Plaza Tapatia Guadalajara While we are walking the Plaza, we will get a look at Sergio Bustamante art Plaza Tapatia. The Plaza Tapatia Guadalajara has a very long history, and it is a very wonderful walk with lots of things to do and many places to eat. At the very end of walking Plaza Tapatia, we will enter the Museo Tapatia Guadalajara, you would really call it Museo Cabanas.

If you are visiting Plaza Tapatia Guadalajara, the you really want to see the Sergio Bustamante Art Plaza Tapatia.

I loved each and every minute of this walk.  We could have spent the entire day, but we had an appointment we had set up for latter in the day.  But, with all of the art, the history the great people and the food, and let us not say beer everywhere, we could have stayed for the full day, if not for a week.

The Museo Cabanas was really cool inside. We had a camera problem and some of the pictures just disappeared. What a drag. Our next video will be on the Cathedral that is very near the Plaza Tapatia as well as the Rotonda. We will actually go inside the Cathedral and we will visit a smaller church right around the corner from it. What a treat.

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Again, in this video we will be walking Plaza Tapatia. It’s a very simple walk but if you chill out and just watch the show I think you will see some great sights.


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