Planning Our Move to Mexico

Planning Our Move to Mexico

Planning Our Move to MexicoPlanning Our Move to Mexico. Did you do a search for, ¨Planning our move to Mexico?¨ If you searched for, ¨Planning our move to Mexico,¨ or even if you searched for, ¨planning a move to Mexico, ¨then this is a video you want to see. This video shares the experience of a brilliant young, MBA American, currently living in Greensboro, North Carolina. She is single and moving to Mexico. She shares with you what she is doing and she answers the question, ¨Why I am Moving to Mexico?¨

Maybe you did a search for, ¨Planning your move to Mexico,¨ or maybe you searched for, ¨Planning my move to Mexico.¨ If you searched for any of the above you are in for a real informational and educational treat and it will be worth your while to see what this young lady has to say.

I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico. I have lived in Mexico for almost twenty years now. I wish that before I moved here, I could have seen a video about how do you plan to move to Mexico, or how do I plan to move to Mexico.

This video is only ten minutes, but it tells you many things in that short period of time about how to plan a move to Mexico.

If you are a single American woman, this video will address answers to the question, ¨Do single American women move to Mexico?¨ I don´t think race is an issue here, but if you are an African American women, then this video briefly addresses the question, ¨Why Black women move to Mexico.¨

Maybe you are in a couple and you are thinking about making a move to Mexico, and you are thinking, ¨Should we move to Mexico?¨ then this video will be helpful as you begin your thought process.

So if you were wondering, ¨Why move to Mexico?¨ or even if you are making a plan to move to Mexico, either way, this video will provide you with some food for thought.

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