Paying Rent in Puerto Vallarta

Paying Rent in Puerto Vallarta

Paying rent in Puerto Vallarta is way different that anywhere I have ever lived in, in the United States. Puerto Vallarta, let’s say Mexico, is a very family, community based location. Everywhere I have paid rent here, that has been in 4 places in the last 12 years, I have paid rent to the person living next door, or upstairs or downstairs from where I have rented.

Paying rent in Puerto Vallarta in my experience has been, I open my front door, walk upstairs, downstairs or next door and give somebody some cash. Usually, it is the person that actually owns the building that has the apartment where I am living.

Paying rent in Puerto Vallarta has never had a down side, maybe because I always pay on time or early.

Now, sometimes when I am paying my rent in Puerto Vallarta, my landlord has left the country, usually for 6 months and is not around. This was the situation I was in for 5 years. The landlord and his partner would go back to the United States in the summer for six months. They had a big farm in Kentucky. They hated that place because they had to drive 5 miles to get to the nearest grocery store or shop of any kind. In Puerto Vallarta, anything you want or need is usually about one to three blocks away so you walk everywhere. Except for maybe Costco or Walmart, that is a 1.3 mile drive, taxi or bus ride.

Anyway, Back to paying rent in Puerto Vallarta. When the landlord is not there, he just gives me his Mexican bank account number, then I go to the month once a month and make a deposit into his account. What a pain in the ass. I have to walk 5 blocks to the bank to do that. It’s much better when he was there, then he just lives downstairs.