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Moving to Lake Chapala MexicoMoving to Lake Chapala Mexico

Moving to Lake Chapala Mexico? Or are you thinking about moving to Lake Chapala Mexico?

Hi there. I’m Bill the Geek. I’m a United States citizen. I’m a graduate of Dartmouth College and The Ohio State University and I’ve lived in Mexico for fifteen years.

I have lived in Lake Chapala for the last two years and I love it here. I lived my first ten years in Puerto Vallarta. I lived the next three years in Guadalajara, and then I moved here to Lake Chapala.

Lake Chapala is ranked internationally as one of the top best climates in the world. Some people rank Lake Chapala as the best climate in the world, others rank it as number two or number three. What does that mean? It means that in the summer, it will be about sixty degrees in the morning and about eighty degrees in the day with zero humidity. It means that in the winter time, it will be around fifty-five degrees in the morning and about seventy-two degrees in the day time.

I’m from Ohio. It snows there. I say no more about that situation. I graduated from Dartmouth College. Dartmouth is in New Hampshire. I remember in Januarys I would walk to classes in the morning and the temperature would be fifty below zero.

Moving to Lake Chapala MexicoIf you are thinking about moving to Lake Chapala Mexico, then the climate is one of the major benefits for sure.

Living in Puerto Vallarta was enjoyable, but there is a reason that many American and Canadians go there from October 15th and stay until April 15th. Why would that be? Because in the summer time Puerto Vallarta is hot and humid as hell. In the summer, it gets so hot in the day time that you don’t see hardly any people on the streets or even at the beach. The heat lingers into the night time making sleeping situations uncomfortable. Lake Chapala is the answer to that situation.

I wrote an Amazon bestseller about moving to Puerto Vallarta, you can find it on The book is titled, “American Living Large in Mexico,” by Bill the Geek.  You can see it one Amazon by clicking here.

Now that I’ve been in Lake Chapala for two years, I’ve decided to write a book about moving to Lake Chapala Mexico. I’m not sure what the title will be yet, but the book is about one month from being complete.

After living in Mexico for fifteen years, I put together a comprehensive list of things that are extremely important to people that are considering making the move to Lake Chapala. This list of information includes but is not limited to;

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Overall Book Subjects



Buy a House

Rent a Place


Air B and Bs

Doctors and Dentists

Discount card for people 60 and older

Moving to Lake Chapala


Buying a car.

Car Repair Services


Buses, local, long distance, Direct buses




Auto Insurance

Walking or taking a taxi


Water in Chapala

Water Pressure

Water Purification

Water Heat


Only the best hotels in Lake Chapala.  We have looked for and found the four best hotels in Lake Chapala.  I have stayed in more than 5,000 hotels in my life time on business.  I know what is a good hotel and a bad hotel.  Find out where to stay, where to sleep like a baby in total comfort.  You will not find these hotels on Trip Advisor.  Oh, the prices are good too.


Internet- Telmex-Telcel-WhatsAp

House cleaning

Yard work

Printing services

Mail services

Car wash, you can get this done at the grocery, Walmart, the Park in the middle of the city

Party Meals with house cleaning included


Hair Care, pedicures and nails

Cell phones

Immigration, attorneys, notaries

Screens and Sliding doors or Windows

Ordering any food with your phone

Doctors Dentist Health Insurance

Pharmacy visits

Hospitals Old and Modern

Nursing Homes




Cosmetic Surgery

Teeth implants

Guadalajara is close

Braces for Teeth

Buying drugs over the counter, like viagra, Tylenol prices

moving to lake chapala

Rent a Place

Noise, visit and check it out

What to look for, internet, crime, noise, security, contact with the owner

What is included


Utilities, fees, cable, Wifi



Good people, bad people, landlords

What might go wrong with water, electricity and internet

Modem in your place for internet and why

Buy a House

Realtors, Century 21, Lloyds, others

Contract lawyers


Places, gated communities, security, rules

Mexico taxes when selling

Cash or terms

New houses. What do you get, what is guaranteed

Can people take your house without notice

The reality system, not like the United States

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