Mexico Visa Requirements 2023

Mexico Visa Requirements 2023The other day, I was talking to my friends here in Mazatlan about Mexico Visa requirements 2023 and all kinds of information was floating around in the conversation. When it comes to Mexico Visas it is really hard to figure out who´s facts were Mexico Visa Requirements 2023correct especially when we started talking about Mexico Visas 2023. So I thought that I would contact my Guadalajara Immigration Attorney, Alvaro and see what was really what. Though is office is in Guadalajara, he visits the Ajijic Lake Chapala Society once a week and helps people there also. So I guess that would make him not only a Guadalajara Immigration Attorney, but also an Ajijic Immigration Attorney as well as a Chaplala Immigration Attorney 2023.

All of us that live down here want to make sure that we are living legally in Mexico. Many people ask me all kinds of questions like, ¨Can we stay in Mexico legally?¨ or ¨How can we stay in Mexico legally?¨

Some people get more advanced in their questions about living in Mexico legally. They not only want to know about things like how long can you stay in Mexico or how long can you stay in Mexico legally, but they have questions about how to becoming a legal resident in Mexico.

They want to know about how to get a Mexico tourist visa. Many people ask me about how to get permanent residency in Mexico.

So while now I live in Mexico, many of my subscribers are looking for Ajijic immigration help or Chapala immigration help. That is when Alvaro comes to the rescue.

So in this video, Alvaro is going to talk about Mexico visas, Mexico visas 2023 and Mexico visa requirements 2023.

Oh, by the way, I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel and we make videos about the joys of living in Mexico. Thank you for joining us.