Mazatlan City Tour

Are you headed to Mexico for a Mazatlan City Tour? Are you trying to pick up some tips about living in Mexico? Will you end up at a Mazatlan Mexico cruise port and you really want to know the place, but you would kind of like something more private and more informative? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the video for you because we are going to take a Mazatlan tour. I guess, it is not only a tour, but it is a Mazatlan food tour also.

Mazatlan City TourAs you will hear me say in the beginning of this video, I have been touring Mazatlan Mexico many times with Robert and Sheri of the Reina Del Mar Bed and Breakfast. I have made about fifty videos with them, and I will continue to make videos with them.

The thing is, many times will contact me and tell me that they want to take a Mazatlan vacation tour, or they many times call it a Mazatlan city tour, but they say that they are coming on a cruise ship, or they are staying with friends, or they are getting a hotel or an Air BnB, and they want to take a Mazatlan private tour. The say that when they visit Mazatlan Mexico, yes, they want to take a Mazatlan Mexico tour, but they want the tour people to pick them up, show them around and then drop them off at the place where they are staying.

I guess this is why I like Mazatlan Mexico, because in Mazatlan, you can get what ever you want and that is where this Mazatlan city tour comes in.

In this video, we are going to be touring Mazatlan Mexico with Miguel and Aldo his associate. They are going to take us to unique places to see, explain the history of these places, show us special places and expose us to traditional Mexican foods and meals. So while we are touring Mazatlan Mexico, we are relaxed, learning, eating, and have a great time.

This tour is not just a tour. This Mazatlan vacation tour will give you tips about life in Mexico from two guys that have lived here all of their lives.

There are so many people that come here for Mazatlan cruise excursions that are provided by the cruise ship company. I see these groups of people all of the time. But, when you have one hundred or two hundred people walking around, how do they all hear the guide? How do they get around? This Mazatlan tour provides your with a guide for cruise passenger. They pick you up at the ship. Maybe you would call it Mazatlan cruise tour pick up. I don´t know, but that is what these guys do. They pick you up where the cruise ship drops them off. So when you are leaving your cruise ship in Mazatlan, these guys are right there to greet you and show you a great time.

So when you visit Mazatlan Mexico, don´t just visit, instead, learn what it is like when living in Mazatlan Mexico from two guys that have lived in Mazatlan forever.

Oh, I am sorry, I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. Thanks for visiting and for watching.

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