A List of Many Spanish Verbs

abandonar to abandon
acabar to complete
acelerar to accelerate
aclamar to acclaim / applaud
acompañar to accompany
acostumbrar to be accustomed
acumular to accumulate
adaptar to adapt
adivinar to guess / divine
admirar to admire
adornar to decorate
afeitar to shave
agachar to lower / bend down
agitar to agitate
agrandar to enlarge
agrupar to group
aguardar to expect / wait for
ahorrar to save
alimentar to feed
almacenar to store
alquilar to rent
alumbrar to light
anular to annul
apartar to part
apoyar to support
apurarse to grieve
armar to arm
arrestar to arrest
articular to articulate
asegurar to assure
asignar to assign
aspirar to breath in
atrapar to catch
ayudar to help
bailar to dance
balancear to balance
basar to base
besar to kiss
borrar to erase
buscar to look for
calcular to calculate
callar to make quiet
caminar to walk
cansarse to become tired
cariciar to caress
causar to cause
cenar to eat dinner
circular to circulate
cocinar to cook
columpiar to swing
comentar to comment
compensar to compensate
completar to complete
concentrar to concentrate
condensar to condense
confirmar to confirm
confortar to comfort
conllevar to carry
conservar to conserve
consolar to console
consultar to consult
contemplar to contemplate
contratar to contract
conversar to converse
cortar to cut
cuidar to take care of
charlar to chat
chillar to scream
chupar to suck
decorar to decorate
dejar to leave
demandar to demand
derivar to derive
descansar to rest
descuidar to relieve from care
desempeñar to redeem / recover
desengañar to disillusion
desmayar to faint
desorientar to disorient
detectar to detect
devorar to devour
dictar to dictate
disfrutar to enjoy
disparar to shoot
divorciar to divorce
duchar to shower
echar to throw out
elevar to elevate
emborrachar to get drunk
emplear to employ
encantar to enchant
enchilar to burn with chiles
enfermarse to get sick
engendrar to engender
enojar to anger
ensuciar to get dirty
entrevistar to interview
envidiar to envy
escoltar to escort
esperar to wait / hope / be pregnant
estornudar to sneeze
evitar to avoid
exaltar to exalt
excusar to excuse
expresar to express
extirpar to extirpate
faltar to lack
fascinar to bascinate
fecundar to fertilize
firmar to sign
formular to formulate
frustrar to frustrate
funcionar to function
fusilar to shoot
gastar to spend
grabar to record
gustar to please or be pleasing
heredar to inherit
honrar to honor
imaginar to imagine
implantar to implant
importar to import
incapacitar to incapacitate
incrementar to increment
inflamar to inflame
ingresar to enter or join
inspeccionar to inspect
insultar to insult
intercambiar to exchange
interpretar to interpret
invitar to invite
irritar to irritate
jubilarse to retire
jurar to take an oath
lastimar to injure / hurt
levantar to lift or raise
licenciar to license
limpiar to clean
llamar to call
llevar to wear / carry
lloviznar to drizzle
malfuncionar to malfunction
manchar to spot
manipular to manipulate
mejorar to improve
mirar to look / watch
mojar to make wet
montar to mount
nadar to swim
nombrar to name
nublarse to cloud
ocupar to occupy
olvidar to forget
opinar to be of an opinion
orar to pray
parar to stop, be still
pasar to pass
patrullar to patrol
pelear to fight
perdonar to forgive
perfeccionar to perfect
perpetrar to perpetrate
pesar to weigh
pitar to honk / blow whistle
portar to bear / carry
preguntar to ask
preparar to prepare
prestar to loan
procrear to procreate
progresar to progress
proporcionar to proportion
proyectar to project
quebrar to break
quejarse to complain
quitar to remove
regatear to barter
rentar to rent
respeter to respect
saludar to greet
terminar to terminate
tolerar to tolerate
trabajar to work
transformar to transform
trasladar to transfer
triunfar to be triumphant
usar to use
vibrar to vibrate
vincular to conquer
visitar to visit
vomitar to vomit
yodurar to iodize
zonar to zone
abusar to abuse
acampar to camp
aceptar to accept
aclarar to explain
aconsejar to counsel
acuchillar to cut
acusar to accuse
adelantar to advance
administrar to administer
adoptar to adopt
afectar to affect
afirmar to affirm
agarrar to grab
agotar to use up
agravar to aggravate
aguantar to endure
agujerear to pierce
alarmar to alarm
aliviar to relieve
alojar to lodge
alterar to alter
amar to love
anunciar to announce
apestar to nauseate
apreciar to appreciate
argumentar to dispute
arreglar to set in order
arrojar to throw
asaltar to assault
asesinar to assassinate
asociar to associate
asustar to scare
aumentar to increase
ayunar to fast
bajar to go down / lower
bañar to bathe
beneficiar to benifit
bloquear to block
brindar to toast / present
cachear to search
calmar to calm
cambiar to change
cancelar to cancel
cantar to sing
casarse to marry
celebrar to celebrate
cepillar to brush
citar to cite / quote
colaborar to collaborate
combinar to combine
comparar to compare
compilar to compile
comprar to buy
condenar to condemn
conectar to connect
conformar to conform
confrontar to confront
conquistar to conquer
considerar to consider
constipar to constipate
contaminar to contaminate
contestar to answer
controlar to control
coordinar to coordinate
crear to create
curar to cure
chiflar to whistle
chismear to gossip
declarar to declare
defraudar to defraud
deliverar to deliver
denunciar to denounce
desayunar to eat breakfast
descifrar to decipher
desear to wish / desire
desenchufar to unplug
desfigurar to disfigure
desocupar to vacate
despreciar to depise
determinar to determine
dibujar to draw
disculpar to excuse
disgustar to disgust
disputar to dispute
doblar to double
dudar to doubt
ejecutar to execute
eliminar to eliminate
empeorar to worsen
enamorarse to fall in love
encarcelar to imprison
enfadar to annow
engañar to deceive
engordar to get fat
enseñar to teach
entrar to enter
enumerar to number
escapar to escape
escuchar to listen to
estipular to stilpulate
estudiar to study
exagerar to exaggerate
examinar to examine
exhalar to exhale
expulsar to expel
facilitar to facilitate
fallar to miss
fastidiar to annoy
fijar to focus / fix
formar to from
fracturar to fracture
fumar to smoke
fundar to found
ganar to win
golpear to hit
gritar to yell
hallar to find
hinchar to swell
ignorar ignore
imitar to imitate
implementar to implement
impresionar to impress
incorporar to incorporate
infectar to infect
informar to inform
iniciar to iniciate
inspirar to inspire
intentar to intend
interesar to interest
inventar to invent
inyectar to inject
jalar to pull
juntar to bring together
ladrar to bark
lavar to wash
liberar to free
limitar to limit
luchar to fight
llenar to fill
llorar to cry
madurar to mature
maltratar to mistreat
manejar to drive
martillar to hammer
mencionar to mention
moderar to moderate
molestar to bother
mudarse to move
necesitar to need
notar to note
observar to observe
odiar to hate
operar to operate
optar to opt
pagar to pay
participar to participate
patinar to skate
peinar to comb
penetrar to penetrate
perdurar to last
perforar to perforate
perturbar to perturb
pintar to paint
planchar to iron
precisar to specify
preocuparse to preoccupy
presentar to present
privar to deprive
programar to program
pronunciar to pronounce
protestar to protest
pulsar to pulsate
quedar to stay
quemar to burn
regañar to gripe
regresar to return
reparar to repair
resultar to result
señalar to wave or signal
tirar to throw
tomar to take
traicionar to betray
transportar to transport
tratar to try
untar to anoint
viajar to travel
vigilar to watch over
violar to violate
voltear to turn
votar to vote
zapatear to kick (w/ shoe)