Internet Services in Puerto Vallarta

Internet Services in Puerto Vallarta

Let’s talk about Internet Services in Puerto Vallarta.  Without advanced technology I couldn’t live down here. I’m not wealthy, I’m not retired, I mean there are a ton of retired people down here, Americans, Canadians, but I have to earn a living. I write books for Amazon, I’m a computer geek. I’m geeked up. And without technology specifically high speed internet I would be homeless. You can purchase high speed internet way cheaper down here than in the United States. And it’s reliable.

Again, let me bring up Internet Services in Puerto Vallarta.  If you’re a geek and you’re coming down here and you’re going to do stuff online, before you move in anywhere, make sure that the internet speed is what you want it to be. I know some people in Puerto Vallarta that lived in a location that was a little far away from the internet tower and their internet sucked.

So when I was looking for Internet Services in Puerto Vallarta, I hired Telecable for Internet and it would only be up for like one day out of three days. I can’t live like that, so I turned them off and went with the major telephone company down here, Telmex. I signed on with them and I never had any problems ever again, but the technology is great down here, it’s advanced, all of the little places you want to go to buy technology are here.  But I tell you Internet Services in Puerto Vallarta can be very wonderful.

I’m a Mac guy, that’s Macintosh, that’s Apple. There’s an Apple store in Guadalajara at the malls, not in Puerto Vallarta. I have a big desktop IMac, I bought that at OfficeMax down here. I have a MacBook air laptop, I bought that at OfficeMax down here, I have an IPad that I bought down here. My cell phone of choice is the Galaxy 7.

Phones can help out when you are concerned about Internet Services in Puerto Vallarta.  I own the Galaxy 7, it’s brand-new, I just got it three-four months ago. I’m waiting on it to blow up. But I bought that down here. All of the stores that you want to go to to buy your technology are here. My telephone is from Costco, it has a nice little headset, got that very inexpensively, I have a 3 TB external hard-drive for backup. So Costco is down here, Best Buy is down here, Walmart is down here. RadioShack, Office Depot is two blocks away, OfficeMax is down here.

I’m geeked up and I don’t want to talk about illegal stuff, but any software like Adobe, any of that stuff, you can just go to the Flea market and get the latest whole Adobe Suite. Well, all of that software, you can get all of that at the Flea market for like 10 dollars, the latest stuff. When the latest stuff comes out, you can go get it at the Flea market for like 10 dollars. Not that I would do that, I’m totally legal with Apple, totally legal with Adobe, I pay Adobe 60 dollars a month because I’m a pro.

The electricity is good. When I was living in Columbus, Ohio, the electricity would go out more in Columbus, Ohio than my experience in Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta.

Cell phones. The major cell phone carrier is Telcel. Now, the funny thing is Telcel, the only cell service down here, so to speak, and TelMex, the main phone company, those are both owned by this guy named Carlos Slim. Carlos Slim, a Harvard graduate, I believe he is Lebanese actually. But he owns both major phone companies and all the Oxxos that I’ve been talking about frequent 15,000 Oxxos. He also owns a major portion of the New York Times. He is also the owner of a major chain of a computer stuff up in the United States. I pay about 25 dollars a month for my cell phone and with your Mexican cell phones, sure you can call all over Mexico for that 25 dollars a month. That includes internet, also for the month and you can call anywhere in the United States or Canada for no additional charge.