How to Use Amazon in Mexico

How to Use Amazon in Mexico

How to Use Amazon in MexicoThis video is all about how to use Amazon in Mexico. I bet you might be saying, ¨Why would I want to know how to use Amazon in Mexico?¨ You´ll see once you get down here and you need something that you really want that they don´t have in Costco, Walmart, Sam´s, Sears, Radio Shack or any of the major department stores down here.

You´ll see.

Maybe in the back of your head you were just wondering, ¨Can I use their service in Mexico?¨ If you were thinking that, then you already know that many of the important, weird things that you order for your hobby or way of life cannot be found in regular places.

Then you might understand that you can use this service in Mexico, but then you may wonder, ¨Is Amazaon service good in that it is not in the US?¨ Or you may be asking yourself, ¨How is Amazon shipping in Mexico?¨

You may wonder that if you order something that you really need, then will it take months for Amazon to get it to you? Or you may be asking yourself, ¨Do Expats use this wonderful service when in Mexico?¨ Well I am one of many Expats using this service in Mexico and I use them all of the time.

Amazon Mexico does a great job. When it comes to shipping in Mexico I would say that Amazon is the best.

I am not going to talk about it in this video, but you may be a person that uses Amazon FBA. For what it is worth, there are Amazon FBA Mexico programs down here.

So, if you are interested in buying American products in Mexico, then you want to check out this video.

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