How to Lose Weight in Mexico

How to Lose Weight in MexicoI am going to tell all of you how I lost weight in Mexico. There is so much, really rich and fattening food down here, many people look at me and wonder, ¨ Can I be thin while living in Mexico?¨ So given that I showed up in Mexico a little chubby, I am going to share with you How to lose weight in Mexico.

How to Lose Weight in MexicoMexico is a great place. I am from Ohio. It is warm year around for the most part in Mexico. Losing weight in Mexico is a lot easier than losing weight in Ohio. Now, this video is not about going to the gym, but when it is freezing and there is snow on the ground in Ohio, you might not want to leave the house for that workout. So if you are asking, ¨ Can I be thin while living in Mexico? ¨ the answer is yes and the weather really helps you out in many ways.

When my chubby self got here and I saw all of the nice bodies on the beach, I wanted to be like that too. So my mind was asking me, ¨ How to lose weight in Mexico? ¨ Losing weight and living in Mexico do not have to be two different things. Being thin while living in Mexico can be very easy. I wanted a diet where I could eat all you want and loose weight. Then of course i lost weight, I will show you how, and then staying thin while living in Mexico became important to me. At first I was looking for a way to lose weight in Mexico, then that changed to keeping weight off in Mexico.

So if you are asking yourself, ¨ Can I loose weight in Mexico? ¨ Well I did it, and the answer is a for sure yes. I am going you show you how to eat and loose weight in Mexico. How many people tell you that?

So, this video will cover a few things like how to be thin while living in Mexico and losing weight while living in Mexico. Yes, that is what we are going to show you in this video. I am going to show you lots of Mexican food that you can eat while you are losing weight in Mexico. You are going to like being able to eat all that you want while losing weight and living in Mexico.

So let us get on with the video and I will share with you How to lose weight in Mexico.

Oh, by the way, I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.