Houses in Puerto Vallarta

Houses in Puerto Vallarta are a wonderful experience. You have to remember that Mexico’s cultural is a lot older than the United States and Canada. They have a history that goes all the way back to Cortez and the Spanish Empire. And, they have a very rich culture that goes back more than 3000 years before that and the second largest pyramid on the planet earth.

Anyway, back to Houses in Puerto Vallarta. I met an American that had moved to Puerto Vallarta with her husband. For what it’s worth, she was black and he was white. They looked for houses in Puerto Vallarta. They actually wanted to buy and house, and that they did. This house was almost brand new. It had one previous owner that must not have been there very long.

This was a giant, four bedroom, four bathroom house, all marble floors. A 15 minute walk to the ocean. It came completely furnished with all of the beds, leather sofas, big screen televisions and more. It cost the couple $180,000.00, US cash.

If you are looking for houses in Puerto Vallarta, or anywhere in Mexico, it’s all about cash. People pay cash for houses in Puerto Vallarta and all of Mexico. You can get financing, the the rates are very high. So, if you are looking for houses in Puerto Vallarta, bring your cash, but for $40,000, you can buy a nice place.

Also, houses in Puerto Vallarta and all over Mexico are very well built with a form of cement. I have never seen a house with any form of dry wall. Thank God. The great thing about that is, you don’t hear anything outside of your house. You don’t hear anyone walking around upstairs because the walls and ceilings are so solid.