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Home for Sale in Chapala MexicoHave you heard of Chapala? That would be Chapala, Mexico. They say that Chapala, Mexico has the best climate in the World. It is right next to Ajijic, it is only about eight miles away. This video is about a home for sale in Chapala. I used to live in Chapala, so many times people will ask me about Houses for sale in Lake Chapala Mexico. Many time when people as me about Lake Chapala, they really mean Chapala. This particular home for sale in Chapala Mexico is a real gem and it sells for only $145,000 US. Can you believe that? This home for sale in Chapala cost about the same as a Happy Meal in the United States.

Home for Sale in Chapala MexicoWhen we want to know about houses for sale in Lake Chapala Mexico, or the city of Chapala, then we contact our friend Ms. Katie Ibarra the best realtor in the Chapala, Ajijic area. She has been helping people find homes in the Chapala Ajijic area for many years. So when we had a question about this home for sale in Chapala Mexico, we contacted her. Actually, she contact me first and let me know that she had this home for sale for $145,000 US. Can you believe it?

Lake Chapala Mexico is a great place. When you say Lake Chapala, that is really a lake, the biggest lake in Mexico and there are many small town all around it. But when you say Lake Chapala Mexico, many people assume you are talking about Chapala or Ajijic. In this video we will show you one of the Lake Chapala Mexico homes for sale. People ask me all of the time about Chapala Mexico homes for sale and I refer them to Katie.

The house that we are going to show you now is a unique piece of Lake Chapala Mexico real estate. If you are thinking about the chance to buy a home in Lake Chapala Mexico and you are on a budget, then you will want to check this place out. Sure, you can find homes for sale in Chapala, but for $145,000 US? You will have to look very hard.

So if you are looking for Chapala real estate, the call Katie. And if you are looking for cheap homes for sale in Chapala Mexico, you might want to ask her what she has on her list. This is one that she has on her quality, but cheap list.

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