Discounts for Seniors in Mexico

Discounts for Seniors in MexicoI know many people that are over sixty in Mexico. Very few of them know about the Mexico Senior’s Discount Card, or the discounts for seniors in Mexico. This video is for the people that are over sixty in Mexico. I’m one of those people. I just got my Mexico senior’s discount card this week and I have already saved $300.00 US.

Discounts for Seniors in MexicoWith the Mexico senior’s discount card, if you are over sixty in Mexico, you can save money in many different way with discounts for seniors in Mexico.

This video will show you what documents you need to get the Mexico senior’s discount card when you are over sixty in Mexico. This video will discuss the discounts for seniors in Mexico, and we will tell you where to go to get the discount card.


It truly amazing that these discounts are available for people all over the world that come to Mexico. Yes you need a certain Visa status, but once you climb that ladder, then you can save lots of money.

Mexico values it’s people that are getting a little older, so, if you are over sixty in Mexico, use the Mexico Senior’s discount card and make your dollars or pesos go much further.

Ok, here is an example. Or, here are a couple of examples of how I saved money with my Discount card and these are just a few of the thing that you get with the discounts for Seniors in Mexico with the Mexico Federal Government.

I have taken many trip on the bus from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta. At the time, the bus tickets were costing about six hundred pesos one way. That is about thirty dollars. With my senior discount card, the trips were half of that price. That means for each trip I saved fifteen dollars one way. That is a lot of money. Also, I have been to the movies many times here in the Mexico. At the time I am writing this description, the prices at the movie theater are about forty pesos to see a movie. That is about two dollars US. Ok, that is a natural discount in itself. But, with my discount card I only pay twenty pesos, or one dollar. When was the last time you went to see a movie for one dollar?

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