Cost of Living in Ajijic Mexico

Cost of Living in Ajijic MexicoCost of Living in Ajijic Mexico.  Hi there. I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel and we thank you for joining us today to see this video about an American woman retired in Mexico. She has a great story and she helps so many people in the Ajijic area. Cost of Living in Ajijic MexicoHelping people is her nature, it just comes natural to her. Her name is Meredith Ann Murray. You really want to watch the entire video because she has so many helpful tips about living in Mexico overall, as well as what it is like to be single and female living in Ajijic.

There are many Americans in Ajijic and most people that live there, and many that are thinking about living there have concerns about the cost of living in Ajijic Mexico. The thing is that Meredith is retired and having fun in Mexico while she helps people in Ajijic meet other people, work with their mental states, get around town, move there stuff, find out what is where in Ajijic and more. Meredith is a fabulous person and she is a pleasure to be with.

This video is not about a retired American living in Mexico, instead, the video is about being retired and having fun in Mexico. Of course we all have fun in our own ways, but Meredith really has a wonderful life and lifestyle and you will see her glow as she talks in this video.

I really loved it when she told me how she addresses the cost of living in Ajijic Mexico. Yes, there are many Americans in Ajijic, and there are many retired Americans in Ajijic. Each and everyone address there needs in different ways. But, I really think you will get a kick hearing Meredith talk about how she lives her life. Many people have retired in Ajijic Mexico, and many Expats are living well in Mexico, but I love to see the mix of being retired and living well in Mexico. That is what it is all about , I think.

So, let us move ahead and see what Meredith has to say. She is going to talk about a lot more than retired life in Mexico. She is going to go way beyond talking about retired American in Mexico. She is going to give you a good look at life. You really want to watch the whole video for sure.

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