Cheap Homes for Sale in Lake Chapala

Cheap Homes for Sale in Lake Chapala

This presentation is all about Cheap Homes for Sale in Lake Chapala. So, i you are looking for Cheap Homes for Sale in Lake Chapala, you will want to watch our special guest, Ms. Katie Ibarra from my home town, Columbus, Ohio who has lived in the Chapala area for more than ten years selling real estate in Chapala, Ajijic and other areas in the Lake Chapala area. We have titled this video, ¨Cheap Homes for Sale in Lake Chapala.¨

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Many people are looking for cheap homes for sale Lake Chapala, or as some might say cheap real estate in Jocotepec, or in a general sense, they are looking for cheap homes for sale in Lake Chapala. If I use bad grammar, some people may have searched for cheap houses for sale Lake Chapala.

People search for all kinds of things on YouTube, and they end up here. Some people have searched for cheap houses for sale Jocotepec, while others may have searched for Lake Chapala Real Estate.

Other people may have done a search for, ¨Real Estate in Lake Chapala¨ not realizing that Lake Chapala is the largest lake in Mexico, and there are no home for sale in the middle of the Lake. Though, there is an area around the lake that many people refer to as Lake Chapala. This area would be the Chapala and Ajijic areas.

So people that are really on their game and know the area may have done a search for, ¨House for sale in Chapala Mexico,¨ or even ¨Home for sale in Chapala Mexico.¨ Those are the types of searches that would bring them to this video that is going to give them just what they are looking for.

So if you were looking for houses for sale in Chapala Mexico, then this video has what might be just the home for you.

Katie Ibarra is the realtor with all of the information about the house. We have done scores of videos with Katie. Not only about Chapala homes, but also, Ajijic real estate, and Lake Chapala real estate, and even real estate in Ajijic. She is awesome and she will show you lots of homes in the lake side area.

Oh, by the way, I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.


KATIE IBARRA Realtor, Chapala Ajijic

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