Can I See Baseball in Mazatlan

Can I See Baseball in MazatlanWell, I was sitting at home, minding my own business and a friend of mine emailed me and said the she was interested in going to baseball games in Mazatlan. I asked myself, self, ¨Can I see a baseball in Mazatlan?¨ Or better yet, I asked myself, ¨Can I see baseball in Mexico?¨ I had no idea.

Can I See Baseball in MazatlanI didn’t´t know anything about sports in Mazatlan, let alone anything about baseball Mazatlan. But now I know. When people ask me now, ¨Do they play baseball in Mexico?¨, or if they ask me, are there baseball games in Mazatlan?¨ or even if they ask me, ¨can I go to baseball games in Mazatlan?¨ well now I have an answer and the answer is yes.

This woman, this friend of mine is a real baseball fan. She wants to move to Mazatlan, and I am sure that she will, and she wants to make sure that she can see live baseball games in Mazatlan. She doesn´t just want to see baseball games in Mazatlan. That might be on TV. She wanted to actually go to a game and see it live.

Baseball Mazatlan? Well, Mazatlan actually has one of the best teams in Mexico and you are going to see them play in this video. So after you watch this video and ¨Baseball Mazatlan,¨ comes up in conversation and maybe somebody asks you, ¨Can I see baseball in Mexico?¨  then you will know the right thing to say.

The people in Mexico are big baseball fans. There are baseball games in Mexico all of the time. Baseball Mexico is a big thing. So to see baseball games in Mexico, it is usually very easy if you live in a big city. And I must say that to see live baseball games in Mexico is a real treat. Trust me.

So yes, they do have baseball games in Mazatlan. An yes, You can see baseball games in Mazatlan, and you don´t need to use a TV. This is because there is a Mazatlan baseball team.

Oh, by the way, I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel and we make videos about the joys of living in Mexico. Thank you for joining us.