Can I play Pickle Ball in Mazatlan

Can I play Pickle Ball in MazatlanPeople ask me all of the time, ¨Where can I play Pickle Ball in Mazatlan.¨ Other people just ask me ¨Can I play Pickle Ball in Mexico?¨ Yeah, some people just ask me, ¨What is Pickle Ball?¨ Yes people do actually ask me that.

The thing is that where I live, I walk by a place where I can see Americans playing Pickle Ball everyday, not Sundays or Saturdays, but all of the other day they play. And for Canadians an Pickle Ball in Mazatlan, I would say half of the people playing are Canadians.

So if you are thinking about Pickle Ball in Mazatlan, or  ¨How can I get into groups that play Pickle Ball in Mazatlan?¨then this video is for you.

Do people play Pickle Ball in Mexico? Sure they do. People in Mexico do all the stuff and more than what people do in the US. That´s why when people ask me, I try not to look at them like they are crazy because the answer is of course you can have fun with Pickle Ball in Mazatlan.

So to answer to your question, ¨How can I play Pickle Ball in Mazatlan?¨or ¨Is it possible for me to play Pickle Ball in Mexico?¨ That is why I made this video, to answer that question.

Is Pickle Ball popular in Mexico? Is Pickle Ball popular in Mazatlan? The answer to both questions is, ¨ Yes!¨ You will see many Expats playing Pickle Ball in Mazatlan.

I love living in Mazatlan.  It is such a great place.  I lived in Puerto Vallarta for ten years and then I lived in Guadalajara for four years and then I lived in Chapala for four more years.  In each place I wanted to meet people, and I did, but if I have played Pickle Ball, then it would have been much easier to meet people.

If you like baseball, you can see that in Mazatlan also, click here to see that video.

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