Can I Live Cheap in Mexico

Can I Live Cheap in Mexico | Lagos de Moreno

Can I Live Cheap in Mexico¨Can I live Cheap in Mexico?¨ Were you asking yourself that question, or were you thinking about living in Mexico, or moving to Mexico? We are going to visit a secret place in Mexico, Lagos de Moreno. Lagos de Moreno is a place that Americans and Canadians are not flocking to, so the prices are some of the lowest that you will find in all of Mexico.

This video is all about answering the question ¨Can I live for much less money in Mexico?¨, or if you are young and working on line, then this is about living cheap in Mexico.

People ask me all of the time about cheap cities in Mexico for retirement. People ask me, “Can I live cheap in Mexico?”

Right after that they ask me, “What cities in Mexico are very cheap, but wonderful?”

So if you you are thinking about saving money in Mexico, or if you want to live cheap in Mexico, in the video you will see places that nobody ever talks about.

Sure, many people wonder how to retire in Mexico, and they want to retire cheap in Mexico.

They want to know about cheap places to retire in Mexico. They come right out and ask me, “Hey, Bill the Geek, can I retire cheap moving to Mexico?¨

But many people that watch our videos are not at retirement age, they are younger and they want to know about renting cheap in Mexico. So you can retire cheap living in Mexico, or you can just live cheap by moving to Mexico if you are working on line. Many Expats tell their friends in the US and in Canada, “Retire in Mexico Now!” Oh, I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.


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