Apartments in Puerto Vallarta

When it comes to apartments in Puerto Vallarta, you can find anything that you are looking for. If you want to live really, really cheap in a very, very “modest” place, you can find one for as low a $125.00 a month. If you want to live like a king, you can find a great place with a wonderful ocean view, and deck that only faces the ocean for around $3,000 a month, all fully equipped with king size beds, big screen televisions, iMac computers with internet, the whole Sha-Bang. Yeap, apartments in Puerto Vallarta are available in any form you are looking for or open to.

A couple my best friends in Vallarta are from the United States. They rent an apartment in a group of apartments in Puerto Vallarta. It is a one room apartment with a bathroom. They pay $150.00 a month.

I have another friend, he is an American with about 75 years under his belt. He has money. He found a great 3 bedroom, two story apartment, fully furnished, right in the middle of town. His place is 5 blocks from the beach and all of the night spots. He pays $200.00 US a month. When he was looking for apartments in Puerto Vallarta, his goal was to find a nice quiet, roomy, clean, furnished place, and then spend money on nice appliances out of his own pocket. Actually, this place is a house with a full deck on top of the house over looking the ocean.

When I was looking for apartments in Puerto Vallarta, at first I found a place, that was small, but it over looked the ocean, and I had a private pool that looked over the ocean also. It wasn’t very fancy, but it had all of the appliances, cable, internet and air conditioning included. This was costing me $300.00 per month.