A Bill Dallas Lewis Story

A Bill Dallas Lewis Story

A Bill Dallas Lewis Story. Yes, merry Christmas, or some people would say, happy holidays. Some people call it Xmas. Whatever you call it, this is a Xmas story. Enjoy as we share with you a story that maybe should be turned into a movie.

We all have had times in our lives that were maybe very lonely on this day in this special time of the year.  This is about something that happened to me years ago that brought all that I had questioned about the time of the year set right.  I was totally alone in a strange city, and things were not very good, and I was very sad.  Then suddenly, all of that changed.

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I am Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel. We make videos about the joys of living in Mexico.

In this video we have a happy Christmas story. Of course it is a Bill the Geek Christmas story. A Bill the Geek Christmas. The story does not start out happy, in fact it starts out kind of sad, but, what happens at the end of the story is a total miracle. You must watch the whole video.

Again, this is a Bill Dallas Lewis Christmas story, and we made this for our 2023, Bill Dallas Lewis Christmas video.

So if you were thinking to yourself, ¨Does Bill Dallas Lewis have a Christmas video?¨

Well the answer is yes and here it is. This is a Christmas video. And, in that we have been broadcasting for almost three years now, this is one of two Bill Dallas Lewis Christmas videos.

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