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This is a brand new page.  We started adding the links about 5 days ago.  We are adding from most recent to the past 3 years of videos.  So, this is not a complete list of all of our videos.  It will take about 30 more days to add all of our videos to this page.  Thank you for visiting.


Advise From Bill the Geek

Will moving to Mexico be Good for Us?

Apartments in Mexico

How to find an apartment in Mexico the right way.

How I found my new apartment in 10 hours In Mexico

How to Use Amazon in Mexico



What Time Can I Buy Alcohol In Mexico

Bill the Geek Unleashed

Will Moving to Mexico Be Good For You

The Benefits of Slavery for Blacks, From the People of Florida


Cell Phone Service In Mexico

How to Use Your Cell Phone in Mexico

Cities in Mexico

My Favorite Cities From My 2023 Travels

Can I Live Cheap in Mexico | Lagos de Moreno

Finding Information About Cities with Chat AI

Cheap Cities in Mexico For Retirement

Morelia Part 1, Safe, Clean, Super Climate All Year

Morelia Part 2, Bill is moving there

Cost of Living in Mexico

How Much Money Do I Need Per Month to Live in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico

A story from Bill Dallas Lewis about a magical Christmas from his past.


Day to Day Living

How I lost my phone in Mexico

Dating in Mexico

How to Get a Date in Mexico


Festivals In Mexico

Should We See the Leon Hot Air Balloon Festival, Part 1

The Leon Hot Air Balloon Festival, Part 2

When is the Leon Hot Air Balloon Festival, Part 3


Highlight Videos

Our Three Year Highlight Video, 2024

Help With Moving to Mexico Consultant

She will help you plan your total move to Mexico


How I Stay Slim In Mexico



Mexico Immigration 2024

Get Your Mexico Visa Faster, Showing No Financial Information

Mexico Special Regularization Program, Faster Visa with little to no financial information

My Immigration Attorney Lays Out the Facts for 2023.  Though This is a 2023 interview, it provides a lot of information that still applies today. Well worth the watch.


Teri Dawn Marshall, Her Planning to Move to Mexico, Part 1
Teri Dawn MarshalL The Most Important Thing to do Before You Move Abroad. Part 2

Dennis Gordon, 77 years young. His history.  Part 1
Dennis Gordon, 77 years young. Why he loves Mexico  Part 2
Dennis Gordon, 77 Years Young, His Drive from AZ to Mazatlan, Part 3
Dennis Gordon, 77 years Young, Moving to Portugal, Part 4

Young Black Expats Living in Merida, Part 1
Young Black Expats Living in Merida, Part 2
Young Black Expats Living in Merida, Part 3

Retired Canadians Moving to Mexico

She is a young Black female. She moved her kids and husband to Mexiico and loves it.

She Lives in Ajijic and helps people live better lives. Meet Meredith Ann Murray

Kim Thorn Lives in Chapala Mexico and has a Great Story to Tell


Buy Leather, Boots, Bags, Shoes, All Things Leather really Cheap

Where Should I Buy Leather in Mexico



A Sunday Beach Walk in Mazatlan. The Beach is Wonderful All Over Mexico

You Must See this Big Afternoon Party. Got to See It, Got to Go at Least One Time

People Love Pickle Ball All Over the World. Yes you Can Play in Mazatlan

Brenster´s Beach Bash Mazatlan. An Interview with the Country Western Music Icon in Mazatlan.

Would I like Mazatlan Mexico

What are the Beaches Like in Mazatlan?

Why I Am Leaving Mazatlan

Mazatlan Professional Baseball

Check Out Baseball in Mazatlan. See what it is like. I loved it.

Mazatlan Tours

A Relaxing Day Tour With Rob of Reina del Mar Bed and Breakfast

Touring Mazatlan with People That know the City, These guys will pick you up at your cruise ship, your hotel or where ever you want them to.

Leaving the Cruise Ship in Mazatlan, They Pick You Up at the Dock and Take You On Tour

Miguel and Aldo, A Full Day Mazatlan Great Tour

Moving to Mexico Tips

What should I pack for my move to Mexico?

Use Chat GPT to help you get around and learn about Mexico


RV Parks

A Very Cheap Way to Live in Mexico


Real Estate in Mexico

Places for Sale

Lake Side, Chapala, Ajijic, JocoTepec

Homes for Sale in Lake Chapala

Multiunit Investment Property Ajijic, 11 Units 1,400,000 US

Cheap Real Estate in Lake Chapala, $139,000 US

Chapala House for Sale, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, $289,000 US

Great House, Great Location, Great Price, $145,000 US

Mazatlan Properties

What a Great Condo, and Only $147,000. Wow!!!

Great House, Great Price. Mazatlan Cerritos, $243,000 US, 3 Bedroom, 4 Baths, Fully Furnished.

Questions About Buying Property in Mexico

Can I buy a house in Mexico?

Questions about Buying Real Estate in Mexico with Realtor Katie Ibarra


Safety In Mexico

Will I Be Safe if I Retire to Mexico?

Speaking Spanish

Bill the Geek talks to Teens In Morelia in Spanish.  Can You Understand?


Thanks Giving In Mexico

This Was a Great Thanksgiving Gathering in Mexico

Travel Tips for Mexico

A Simple Travel Tip that will save you lots of time.

Work Remotely In Mexico

I Want to Work Remotely and Live in Mexico

Dawn works on line right next to the beach.